Use the object list to manage objects on Keynote slides

Learn how to use the object list to select objects, move up and down in the layering order, group, or delete them.

To view the object list, click View icon, then choose Show Object List.

All of the objects on the selected slides appear in the list.* Click Show object list to filter the object list by object type. 

Use the search field to filter by object name. Select all the slides you want to search, then type part or all of the name into the search field.

If you want to rename an object, double-click the name, then enter the new name.

If the object list is missing an object you expected to see, make sure the object isn’t filtered out.

Select multiple objects by holding Command when you click. When you have multiple objects selected, right-click to choose Align Objects or Distribute Objects. To group the objects, select multiple objects and right-click. Choose Group.

If you want to move an object in the layering order, drag the object above or below another object in the list. You can also drag an object to another slide.

To lock an object, put your pointer over the object in the object list then click Unlock icon. Click Lock icon to unlock.

Learn more about how to create and use objects in your slides.

* Objects from the master slide that aren’t placeholders, audio objects, and floating comments don't appear in the object list.

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