If you can't transfer Suica, PASMO, or ICOCA cards to your iPhone or Apple Watch

If you need help transferring your Suica, PASMO, or ICOCA cards to Apple Pay on your iPhone or Apple Watch, try the steps below.

Make sure that you can add a card

Check Apple Pay on the System Status page. If there's an issue, try again after it's resolved. If there isn't an issue, check with your transit agency to make sure that you're using a supported device.1,2

Update to the latest version of iOS or watchOS.

Try to add a Suica, PASMO, or ICOCA card

After each step, see if you can add your Suica, PASMO, or ICOCA card to Apple Pay:

  1. Your birthdate is required only if you're trying to add a personalized My Suica, PASMO, or ICOCA card, or a card with a Commuter plan to the Wallet app. Use the same date of birth that you entered when you purchased your plastic Suica or PASMO card.

  2. Make sure that your plastic card is resting on a flat non-metallic surface. Rest the top of your iPhone on the middle of the card. Keep it there until the transfer completes, which can take up to a minute. It might also help to hold your card and iPhone in your hand.

  3. Make sure that the value on your card doesn't exceed 19500 Yen.

  4. You can add a credit card with a Suica or PASMO balance by tapping Credit or Prepaid Card in Wallet. Only the credit card will be added to Apple Pay. The Suica or PASMO card cannot be added, and the balance of the Suica or PASMO card remains on the plastic credit card.

  5. Certain Suica and PASMO cards (like Student Commuter Suica cards) might need to be verified before you can add them to Apple Pay. For additional functionality of Suica or PASMO cards in the Wallet app, download and register within the Suica app or PASMO app on your iPhone.

  6. Restart your iPhone or Apple Watch.

  7. Update to the latest version of iOS or watchOS.

My Suica, personalized PASMO, or Commuter Suica and PASMO cards that use romaji names or international phone numbers are not supported.

If you are trying to add a second Suica, PASMO, or ICOCA card to use with Apple Pay, make sure the name on the second card matches the first name on your My Suica, or Commuter Suica, PASMO, or ICOCA card. If you have different names on multiple cards, download and register in the iOS Suica app or PASMO app.

From 12:30 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. JST daily, many functionalities aren't available to customers. This includes adding cards, adding money to Suica, PASMO, or ICOCA cards, and renewing commuter plans.

  1. Apple Pay isn't available for children under 13. Age varies by country or region.

  2. Make sure that you sign in to iCloud on all your devices. On your iOS device, you need to set up Face ID, Touch ID, or a passcode. On your Apple Watch, you need to set up a passcode. If you sign out of iCloud or remove your passcode, all credit, debit, prepaid, transit, student ID cards, and Suica, PASMO, or ICOCA cards will be removed from that device.

  3. To add a PASMO or ICOCA card in Wallet, you need to set up two-factor authentication for your Apple ID.

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