Add citations to your Pages document with the EndNote plug-in

Learn how to install and use the Pages EndNote plug-in to add citations and build a list of references.

To use the EndNote plug-in, you must have EndNote X6 or later installed on your Mac. Learn how to get EndNote.

To use the EndNote plug-in, Pages 6.2 or later is recommended.

Add a citation

  1. Open your EndNote library.

  2. Open the document you want to add a citation to in Pages.

  3. Select the text you want to cite, then choose the Insert menu buttonNo alt supplied for Image > EndNote Citation. If EndNote Citation isn't available, go to the Document Inspector > Document tab and make sure Document Body is checked.

  4. In the EndNote Citation search window, search for the Author, Title or Year of the work you want to cite.

  5. Select the citation you want to add and preview the citation. If you don’t want an in-text citation, but want to add the source to your bibliography, make sure you select “Only insert into the bibliography.” Click Insert.

Your citation is added after the selected text and the work is added to the Bibliography at the end of your document.

If you delete the only citation for a source, Pages automatically removes that source from your Bibliography.

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