How to remove Activation Lock

Learn what to do if you see the Activation Lock screen on your device, or if you're asked to remove Activation Lock on a device that's offline and not in your possession.

Remove Activation Lock on the device

Follow the onscreen steps to enter the Apple ID and password you used to set up your device or your device passcode. If you don't remember your Apple ID, try to sign in with an email address or phone number that you regularly use for Apple services.

Learn how to find your Apple ID or reset your Apple ID password.

If your device is owned by a business or educational institution, please contact your IT department or manager.

Remove Activation Lock on the web if a device is offline

For iPhone, you might be able to remove Activation Lock on the web even if your device isn't offline.

  1. Go to

  2. Sign in with your Apple ID, email address or phone number, then enter your password.

  3. Select the device that you want to remove from iCloud.

  4. Click Remove This Device.

Start a support request

If you need help removing Activation Lock and have proof of purchase documentation, you can start an Activation Lock support request.

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