View your App Store and iTunes Store purchases directly from your financial institution

You may be able to see more details about your recent purchases when you view your transactions on your financial institution's website or mobile app.

When you sign in to your financial institution website or mobile app and view your recent purchases from the App Store, iTunes Store, Apple Books, or for Apple Music or iCloud services, you may see an option—such as View Receipt—that allows you to view more details about your transaction.

If you select this option, Apple displays details of items purchased. Apple also notifies you via email that the information was displayed through your financial institution's website or mobile app.

This service is designed to allow you to see more detailed information about your purchases than you might normally see on your statement. This feature is not available for all financial institutions.

Who can see details about your purchases?

If you're the payment account owner, your detailed purchase information is displayed by Apple, only to you, only when you're signed in to your payment account. Your financial institution doesn't have access to your Apple ID or detailed purchase information with this service.

If you use someone else's payment method or credit card to make purchases, the owner of that payment account can see your purchases. For example, if you're a member of Family Sharing and your purchases are billed to the family organizer's payment account, then the family organizer may have viewed your purchase details.

Purchase details may take time to appear after a transaction is posted on your statement. You can see your purchase history in the App Store or iTunes Store at any time.

Get help

If you receive an email notification that your purchase details were viewed, but you or someone who is authorized to view your purchases didn't access your financial institution's website or mobile app, contact your financial institution immediately.

Learn what to do if you see a purchase you don't recognize.

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