Mac OS X 10.4: Sync devices again after resolving conflict

To make sure that all your data is up to date across all devices (including MobileMe), make sure that you sync your devices again after resolving any sync conflicts.

For example, if you are notified that a contact has changed on more than one device and that you must choose which one is correct, remember to sync a second time after the first sync completes.

How to sync a second time

Start a second sync by choosing Sync Now from the (Sync status) menu.

If you don't have a menu on your menu bar, you can activate it by opening iSync (in the Applications folder), choosing iSync Preferences from the iSync menu, then checking "Show status in menu bar".

Syncing a second time will ensure that the changes you selected are picked up by all of your devices.

Tip: Sync from the menu because this includes a MobileMe sync, too, which iSync's Sync Devices feature does not.