What‘s new in Shortcuts in iOS 15.4 and macOS 12.3


  • Notifications can now be turned off for Automations (when Ask Before Running is turned off)

  • Added support for tags in “Add New Reminder”, “Find Reminders”, and “Edit Reminder”

  • "Get Current Web Page from Safari” now supports retrieving details like name, page contents, and selection on macOS

  • “Set Playback Destination” now supports adding and removing playback destinations, so you can play to multiple devices at once

  • “Translate Text” and “Detect Language” are now powered by Apple Translate

  • “Take Photo” is now supported on macOS

  • “Extract Text from Image” now supports all languages supported by Live Text

  • “End If” and “End Repeat” can now be dragged in the Shortcuts editor

  • “Find” and “Filter” actions have an improved design on macOS

  • Double-clicking on an item in “Choose From List” now chooses the item and continues running on macOS

  • On macOS, you can now add a shortcut to the Dock from the right-click menu in My Shortcuts

  • Text entry dialogs can now be dismissed with the ⌘+return keyboard shortcut on macOS

  • A “Provide Output” checkbox is now available in Shortcut Details, making it easier to use shortcuts with output

  • The set of action icons in the Shortcuts editor have a refreshed appearance

  • Automator Quick Actions can now be converted to shortcuts

  • Fewer privacy prompts are presented, especially for shortcuts that you author yourself

  • The Gallery now includes a Share button when viewing a shortcut on macOS


  • Clicking the delete button on actions in the Shortcuts editor works more reliably on macOS

  • Text entry works more reliably in the Shortcuts editor

  • Items can now be reliably re-arranged in “Choose from Menu”

  • Improved Shortcuts editor UI and reliability

Actions & Running

  • “Run Shortcut” is now faster and more reliable

  • “Combine Images” no longer produces empty images on macOS

  • "Overlay Image” now uses coordinates anchored to the bottom-left instead of the top-left on macOS, to match iOS behavior

  • ”Open URL” no longer fails when run from Apple Watch

  • “Show in Calendar” now supports showing dates on macOS, in addition to calendar events

  • “Edit Calendar Events” no longer fails to add attachments on macOS

  • “Show Web Page” now includes Cancel and Done buttons on macOS

  • “Send Message” can now send photo attachments when run from Siri

  • “Open App” can now launch CarPlay-capable apps in CarPlay

  • “Set Volume” now works on macOS when AirPods are connected

  • “Send Email” now supports the “From” picker on macOS

  • “Split Screen Apps” no longer fails to run if the apps are not already open

  • “Eject Disk” no longer fails to eject an external disk drive on macOS

  • “Delete Files” no longer fails to delete files in Dropbox

  • “Get the state of My Home” now returns results more reliably

  • Pinboard actions no longer show an unexpected keychain prompt when run on macOS

  • The “Wind Down Begins” & “Bedtime Begins” automations now trigger more reliably

  • The “Device Details” variable’s Screen Width and Screen Height options now return correct values

  • Converting text to PDFs now works on macOS

  • Fixed issues where calendar-related actions may fail unexpectedly

  • Applications now properly re-gain focus when a shortcut dialog finishes on macOS


  • The list of shortcuts now loads faster in 3rd party apps on macOS, especially for users with many shortcuts

  • The "Shortcuts Events" app, which provides scripting functionality for Shortcuts on macOS, no longer needs to be opened manually before it can be used from scripts

  • When retrieving shortcuts via AppleScript, shortcuts are returned in the user’s order instead of in alphabetical order

  • Other bug fixes and minor additions