OS X: Server addresses used by Software Update

Learn which server addresses must be accessible in order to use Software Update.

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Server addresses used by Software Update

Software Update must communicate with Apple's update servers in order to download and install updates. Ask your network administrator to allow the following server addresses on your DNS and proxy servers.

  • swcdn.apple.com
  • swdownload.apple.com
  • swquery.apple.com
  • swscan.apple.com

Software Update communicates with these servers using TCP port 80 or 443 depending on your version of OS X, as well as dynamic and/or private ports 49152 through 65535.

Using Software Update with a proxy server

OS X Mountain Lion and later use HTTPS to create a secure connection to Apple's Software Update servers. Some HTTPS proxy servers intercept secure web connections and inspect the connection traffic. Proxy servers that do this can prevent OS X from verifying the security of its connection to Apple's Software Update servers. If OS X cannot verify the server connection, it does not present or install automatic software updates.

One option is to bypass the HTTPS proxy for the Apple Software Update servers. This can be done by your network administrator using an automatic proxy configuration or a configuration profile. You can also manually update your proxy configuration using these steps:

  1. Open System Preferences.
  2. Select your active network interface (usually Ethernet or Wi-Fi).
  3. Click the Advanced button.
  4. Select the Proxies tab.
  5. Enter the following hosts under "Bypass proxy settings for these Hosts & Domains:"
    swcdn.apple.com, swdownload.apple.com, swquery.apple.com, swscan.apple.com
  6. Click OK.
  7. Click Apply.

Your network administrator can also install OS X Server on Mountain Lion or later to provide a local Software Update server that mirrors the updates on Apple's Software Update servers. This local Software Update server still needs to bypass the HTTPS proxy to contact Apple's servers, but it will supply updates to clients on your local network via HTTP. For more information, see Requirements for Software Update Service.

Manually downloading updates

If you are still unable to automatically update your software using Software Update, you can manually download and install updates for many Apple products from the Apple Support website.

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