iPhone: Microphone issues


You may experience one of these issues:

  • Other people can't hear you, or have difficulty hearing you during a phone call or FaceTime call
  • Other people complain that you sound unclear during a phone call or FaceTime call
  • You hear no sound or the sound is unclear when playing back recorded audio


Learn how to resolve the issue, and where to go if you've followed the steps and you still need help.

Resolve the issue

Follow these steps, testing after each.

  1. Make sure nothing is plugged in to the jack connector.
  2. Make sure nothing is blocking any of the microphones (refer to the pictures below to find your device's microphones). Check for these:
    • Dirt or debris
    • A screen protector or case
    • When you're holding your phone next to your ear, make sure you don't block the microphone with your fingers or shoulder and make sure to speak into the microphone
  3. Turn the iPhone off and then on.
  4. Update to the latest version of iOS.
  5. If necessary, find general iPhone hardware troubleshooting suggestions.
  6. For further assistance, contact Apple Support.

If the issue persists and you need to make a call, try using headphones with an integrated microphone.

Get help with troubleshooting FaceTime.

Learn about iPhone hardware troubleshooting.

Find the microphones

iPhone 5 and later:

  1. Receiver/front microphone
  2. Rear microphone
  3. Bottom microphone

iPhone 4, iPhone 4s:

  1. Top microphone
  2. Bottom microphone

iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS:

  1. Microphone
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