Archived - iPod for Windows Software 1.0: How to Format iPod's Hard Disk

This document explains how to format iPod's hard disk so you can use it with a Windows-compatible or Macintosh computer.
This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.
Formatting the disk for Windows
    1. Make sure your computer meets the system requirements to use iPod for Windows Software 1.0. For more information on the system requirements, see technical document 60971, "iPod: System Requirements."

    2. Find the iPod for Windows Software 1.0 CD-ROM disc that came with your iPod, and insert it into your computer's disc drive. Note: This software is not available to download from Apple's Web site.

    3. Install iPod for Windows Software 1.0. For more information see technical document 61669, " iPod for Windows Software 1.0: How to Install".

    4. Connect iPod to your computer using the FireWire cable that came with iPod. If your computer does not have a FireWire port see the Apple Store ( for compatible FireWire cards you can install in your computer.

    5. Open Updater and restore the software.
      1. Choose the Updater from the Start menu: Programs > iPod.
      2. Click Restore.
      3. Follow the directions on the screen.

After following these steps, iPod's hard disk has been formatted as FAT32, and will work with computers that have a compatible version of the Windows operating system.

To verify that iPod has been formatted for Windows, see technical document 61672, " iPod 1.2: How to Determine iPod's Hard Disk Format".

Formatting the disk for Macintosh

If you have installed iPod for Windows Software on iPod, and want to change it so that it only works with a Macintosh, you will need to restore iPod using the Macintosh version of the iPod Software Updater.

For more information on the how to restore iPod with the Macintosh version of iPod Software Updater see technical document 60983: " iPod: How to Restore."
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