Pages for iOS (iPad): Align text and adjust spacing

Align text and adjust spacing

You can use tab stops to align text. When you insert a tab in text or a table cell, the insertion point and any text to the right of it move to the next tab stop, and text you enter starts at that point.

You can align paragraphs in a page, column, table cell, text box, or shape so that text is aligned to the left or right border, centered, or aligned on both left and right (justified).

Use the ruler to set tab stops and paragraph margins.

Ruler showing controls for left and right margins, first line indent, and four kinds of tab stops.

Hide or show the ruler

The ruler appears by default when you tap in text. You can hide it if you want.

  • To hide the ruler, tap Tools button, tap Settings, then turn the Ruler off.

    The ruler no longer appears when you select text.

Set paragraph margins

  1. Tap in a paragraph, or select one or more paragraphs.

  2. If the ruler isn’t showing, tap Tools button in the toolbar, then tap Ruler.

  3. Drag the margin and paragraph indent markers to where you want them.

Align or justify text

  1. Tap in a paragraph, or select text.

  2. Tap the alignment button in the format bar above the keyboard, then tap an alignment option.

    Format bar showing controls for indenting text and aligning paragraphs.

Set tab stops

  1. Tap (or select ) the paragraphs where you want to set tab stops.

  2. Tap the ruler where you want to place a tab stop.

    If the ruler isn’t visible, tap Tools button, then tap Ruler.

  3. To change the tab stop alignment, double-tap the tab stop. Keep double-tapping until you see the alignment you want.

  4. To change the position of the tab stop, drag its icon along the ruler.

Insert a tab in text

If you insert a tab in text without first setting up tab stops on the ruler, Pages uses default tab spacing.

  1. Tap in text at the point where you want to insert a tab stop.

  2. Tap Tab in the format bar above the keyboard.

    The insertion point moves to the closest tab stop. Tapping Tab again moves to the next tab stop, and so on.

To undo a tab insertion, tap Delete button.

Align text in a text box or shape

  1. Select the text in a text box or shape, then tap Format button in the toolbar.

  2. Tap Style, then tap an alignment button.

  3. Tap Layout, then use the controls to adjust text alignment, margins, and line spacing.

    Text alignment options
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