Keynote for iOS (iPad): Add presenter notes to your slides

Add presenter notes to your slides

You can add notes to any slide to help you remember what to speak about on that slide. You can refer to your presenter notes during your slide presentation if you’re showing your presentation while connected to an external monitor or projector. But first, you must also set up the presenter display layout to show presenter notes.

When you add presenter notes, Keynote displays presenter notes mode, which allows you to work on notes for all your slides in a streamlined workflow. In presenter notes mode, you can add more slides to your presentation, jot down your notes for them, and place text and graphics on those slides at a later time.

Add or edit notes for a slide:

  1. While editing a slide, tap Tools button in the toolbar, and then tap Presenter Notes.

    Keynote switches to presenter notes mode.

  2. Type your notes into the presenter notes area.

    As you type, the presenter notes area scrolls down, so you can continue typing. When you refer to your notes during your presentation, you can scroll down to view them. While you’re in presenter notes mode, if you type a web address, Keynote creates a hyperlink and treats it like any hyperlink on a slide. However, links in presenter notes are deactivated during presentation playback.

    In the slide navigator, the slide thumbnail image shows a yellow, turned-down corner, indicating that presenter notes have been added to that slide. This is only visible while you’re in presenter notes mode.

    Image of slide thumbnail image with turned-down corner
  3. Tap another slide in the slide navigator to type presenter notes for that slide.

  4. If you want to preview the slide as you’re composing your notes, tap Play button at the top of the screen to view the slide, and then double-tap anywhere on the screen to return to your presenter notes.

    If your device is attached to a video cable adapter, tap Play button to view the slide, and then tap Close button to return to your presenter notes.

  5. If you want to add a new slide as a placeholder, and immediately begin typing notes for that slide, tap Add slide button at the bottom of the screen to add the slide, and then type your notes.

  6. Tap Done, when you’re finished typing presenter notes for all the slides where you want to include them.

View presenter notes while playing your presentation:

To view your presenter notes during a presentation, you must be in presenter display mode. You can’t add or modify presenter notes while you’re in presenter display mode.

  1. In presenter display mode, tap Layout button.

  2. Select “Current and Notes.”

  3. Swipe the presenter notes area to scroll through your notes.

    Hyperlinks in presenter notes are deactivated during presentation playback.

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