Numbers for iOS (iPad): Keyboards for entering formulas and functions

Keyboards for entering formulas and functions

To perform mathematical calculations in your spreadsheet, use the formulas and functions keyboard. This keyboard allows you to enter numbers, operators, and constants to define a formula within a cell, or to access the hundreds of predefined functions available within Numbers.

The formulas and functions keyboard opens when you tap Equation button in the input bar.

Image of formula bar

The keyboard is divided into three groups of keys, as shown below.

Image of formulas and functions keyboard

The SUM key at the bottom of the middle group of keys automatically totals the values in all the cells that lie above it in a spreadsheet.

The “functions” key in the rightmost group of keys opens the Functions Browser, where you can locate a predefined function and enter it into a cell. Below the “functions” key, the “abc” key opens the alphanumeric keyboard, and the Date and Time button key opens the date and time and duration keyboards, so that you can enter properly formatted data when it’s required in a formula or function. The “true/false” key switches between Boolean true and false values. If there’s a checkbox within a cell, the “true/false” key switches between selecting and deselecting the checkbox.

The Delete button key along the right edge of the keyboard deletes the last thing you typed. The Next Cell button key moves the insertion point to the next cell to the right of the current cell, and the Next Row button key moves the insertion point to the cell in the next row in the column of the last cell you tapped, so that you can continue to enter data into cells without having to dismiss the keyboard.

The group of keys on the left side of the keyboard displays mathematical symbols, including inequalities and mathematical operators. You can toggle between sets of symbols by tapping the bar along its bottom.

Image of operators keypad

To see detailed instructions on entering formulas and functions into cells, see Calculate values using data in table cells.

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