iMovie for iOS (iPad): Export a project to iMovie for OS X

Export a project to iMovie for OS X

You can export a project (but not a trailer) you create in iMovie for iOS to iMovie for Mac, where you can continue to work on it.

To share a project with iMovie on your Mac

  1. If you’re not in projects view, tap the My Projects button in the upper-left corner above the viewer.

  2. Scroll to center the project you want to import into iMovie on your Mac.

  3. Tap the Share button at the bottom of the screen, then tap iTunes; tap OK when iMovie indicates that export is complete.

  4. Connect your device to your computer, then open iTunes on your computer.

    After a moment, your device appears in iTunes, below Devices on the left.

  5. Select the device, then click Apps at the top of the iTunes window.

  6. Select iMovie in the Apps list below File Sharing (you may need to scroll to see it).

  7. In the iMovie Documents pane, select the file you just shared, then click the “Save to” button.

    Save, or drag, the file to your computer in a place where you can find it easily, such as the Movies folder.

  8. Open iMovie on your Mac, then choose File > Import > iMovie for iOS project.

  9. Navigate to the project you sent to iTunes, then click Import.

    The project appears in your iMovie Project Library on your Mac.

Last Modified: Oct 3, 2014
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