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Add hyperlinks and bookmarks

You can create text hyperlinks that your readers can tap or click to go to another place in the book, go to a webpage, or open a preaddressed email message.

As you create your book, you can quickly navigate to specific book locations by adding bookmarks; the Link inspector displays a clickable list of all your bookmarks. If you add hyperlinks to your bookmarks, your readers can also use them in the completed book.

Create a hyperlink

  1. Select the text you want to become a hyperlink.

  2. If the Link inspector isn’t open, click Inspector in the toolbar and click the Link Inspector button.

  3. In the Link inspector, click Hyperlink.

  4. Select “Enable as a hyperlink.”

  5. Choose an option from the Link To pop-up menu:

    • Webpage: Enter a URL.

    • Email Message: Enter the email address and subject line.

    • Bookmark: Choose a bookmark from the Name pop-up menu.

      If the Name pop-up menu is empty, add bookmarks as described below.

    • Figure: Click a figure in the Name list. To view only specific types of figures (for example, all movies or galleries), choose an option from the Style pop-up menu.

Remove a hyperlink

You can deactivate all hyperlinks in the book, or you can remove the link from a single selection.

Do one of the following:

Make all hyperlinks inactive: In the Link inspector, select “Make all hyperlinks inactive.”

To reactivate your previous hyperlinks, deselect this checkbox.

Make a single hyperlink inactive: Select the hyperlink (click outside the hyperlink text and use the Shift and arrow keys), and deselect “Enable as a hyperlink” in the Link inspector.

Add a bookmark

  1. Select the text you want to become a bookmark.

  2. If the Link inspector isn’t open, click Inspector in the toolbar, click the Link Inspector button, and click Bookmark.

  3. To add the selected text as a bookmark, click the Add button .

To delete a bookmark, select a bookmark in the list and click the Delete button .

To sort bookmarks by name or page number, click the Name or Page column heading.

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