iCloud: Edit and delete notes

Edit and delete notes

After you create a note, you can make changes to it at any time. You can also delete a note, which is a good way to keep your notes list uncluttered.

Edit a note

  1. In the notes list, select the note you want to edit.

  2. In the note text, click where you want to start editing, then make your changes.

The note moves to the top of the notes list because it’s the most recently modified.

Delete a note

In the notes list, select the note you want to delete, then click Delete at the top of the window.

WARNING:   When you delete a note, it’s deleted on every device where you turned on iCloud Notes. For example, if you have iCloud Notes turned on on your iPhone and your Mac, when you delete a note from iCloud Notes on the web, the note is also deleted from the Notes app on your iPhone and from Notes on your Mac.
Last Modified: Jan 8, 2015

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