Safari 6 (OS X Mountain Lion): View articles with Reader

View webpage articles with Safari’s Reader

With Safari Reader you can view news stories and other articles in a window that’s optimized for easy reading. Reader stitches together articles on webpages that are continued over multiple pages and broken up by ads, menu bars, and other items.

  1. Open Safari if it is not already open.
  2. Click the Reader button at the right end of the Safari address and search field.

    Reader is available only when Safari detects an article.

  3. To see buttons for zooming, mailing, or printing the Reader article, move the pointer to the bottom-center of the window.
    • If the type is too small or too large, click the “Zoom in” (+) or “Zoom out” (-) buttons.

    • To mail the article, click the “Mail this page” button.

    • To print the article, click the “Print this page” button.

    • To hide these buttons, move the pointer away from them.

  4. To return to the normal webpage view, click the Reader button again.
Last Modified: Aug 14, 2012

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