Safari 6 (OS X Mountain Lion): Visit Bonjour websites

Visit Bonjour websites in Safari

You can quickly visit websites of nearby devices, such as printers and other computers, by adding Bonjour to your bookmarks bar, bookmarks list, or Bookmarks menu. Then Safari can detect Bonjour website announcements and include them in your bookmarks list automatically.

Bonjour connects your computer to nearby printers and servers, shared music and photos, Messages users (or iChat users in OS X Lion), and more. For example, a printer may use Bonjour to “announce” its website to your local network. Other shared resources, such as music playlists shared by people on nearby computers, can also announce their availability in this way.

Some Bonjour websites and devices require a password.

For more information about Bonjour, visit the Apple support website for Bonjour.

Add Bonjour websites to your bookmarks

  1. Open Safari if it is not already open, and choose Safari > Preferences.
  2. Click Bookmarks, and then select Include Bonjour for the places you want it to appear.

View Bonjour websites

After adding Bonjour to your bookmarks bar, bookmarks list, and Bookmarks menu, do any of the following to view available Bonjour websites:

  • Click Bonjour in the bookmarks bar.
  • Click the open-book icon in the bookmarks bar, and then select Bonjour in the Collections list.
  • Choose Bookmarks > Bonjour.
Last Modified: Aug 14, 2012

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