Xsan: Enable RPL on StorNext volumes running on StorNext 4 MDCs

StorNext volumes accessed by Xsan clients running OS X Lion and Mountain Lion need fast reverse path lookup (RPL) enabled. Learn how to enable RPL with the steps in this article.

When Lion or Mountain Lion Xsan clients access StorNext volumes, fast reverse path lookup (RPL) must be enabled. This behavior can be enabled on StorNext 4.0 and newer metadata controllers. File systems created with StorNext 4.0 or greater will have RPL automatically enabled. However, file systems originally created in earlier versions of StorNext will need to have RPL enabled manually.

How to check if RPL needs to be enabled

To check if RPL needs to be enabled, see the cvlog entries on the StorNext MDC immediately after the file system has been activated. A file system with RPL disabled will display a log entry like this:

[1205 18:39:26] 0x2b0d56b98050 (Info) RPL is disabled.

How to enable RPL

Converting a file system to use fast reverse path lookup (RPL) is done using the -L option of the cvupdatefs command. If this option is turned on, the conversion will occur the next time the file system is activated. Note that this conversion may take several hours depending upon the number of files in the file system.

For example, to enable RPL on a StorNext file system named VolumeName, use the following command on the StorNext metadata controller while the file system is stopped:

sudo /usr/cvfs/bin/cvupdatefs -L on VolumeName

Additional Information

For more information, type "man cvupdatefs" (without quotations) on a StorNext MDC to see the cvupdatefs manual. For further information or support, contact Quantum support.

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