iCloud: Using and troubleshooting Calendar attachments

Learn how to use and troubleshoot Calendar attachments in iCloud.

Use iOS, Mac OS X, or iCloud Calendar on to view and download attachments added to your iCloud Calendar. To add attachments to your iCloud calendar item, use Calendar for OS X Mountain Lion or iCloud Calendar at Some calendar attachment features are also available from iCloud with Outlook for Windows.

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How to attach documents to a Calendar entry

To attach a document to a Calendar entry:

  1. Open Calendar in OS X Mountain Lion, or go to iCloud Calendar at and sign in using your iCloud Apple ID and password.
  2. Select an existing event to edit, or create a new event. 
  3. Locate the attachments section, and click Add File.
  4. Navigate to the file you would like to attach, and click Open. 
  5. If you wish to add multiple files, click Add File again, and repeat Step 4. You can also drag and drop multiple files onto the event pop-up to attach them. This method works with Calendar for OS X Mountain Lion, and with on Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. Internet Explorer supports drag-and-drop attachment of single files only. 
  6. To view an attachment, open the event, and find and double-click the document you wish to view. 

Troubleshooting Calendar attachments


Make sure that your attachments meet the following criteria:

  • You can add attachments to Calendar for OS X Mountain Lion, iCloud Calendar at, and Outlook on Windows. However, any attachments added to events in Outlook will not be visible in Calendar for iOS, Calendar for OS X Mountain Lion, or iCal.
  • You cannot add attachments to Calendar entries in Calendar on your iOS device or iCal for OS X Lion.
  • You can view and download attachments to Calendar events in Calendar for OS X Mountain Lion, in iCloud Calendar at, and on your iOS devices using iOS 5.0 and later. Any attachments that you add to a Calendar entry in OS X Mountain Lion or iCloud Calendar at will not be visible in Outlook on Windows or iCal for OS X Lion. 

Maximum number and size of attachments

You can attach a maximum of 20 files to your iCloud Calendar event. You can have a maximum of 20 MB of attachments per event, therefore, no attachment can be larger than 20 MB. For a complete list of calendar limits, see this article for more information.

File types you can attach

You can attach the following types of files to a calendar event: 

  • iWork documents
  • Microsoft Office documents (Office ‘97 and newer)
  • Rich Text Format (RTF) documents
  • PDF files
  • Images
  • Text (TXT) files
  • Comma-separated value (CSV) files

Next Steps

If you've confirmed that you meet all the requirements, but you're still having issues, try these steps. If the issue exists on one device only, follow the instructions for that device. If the issue happens on more than one device, follow the steps for one device, then test to see if the issue still exists. If the issue persists, continue with the steps for your other device(s).

For issues with viewing attachments, try refreshing your calendar.

  • In iOS:
    • From your Home screen, tap Calendar.
    • Tap Calendars.
    • Tap the refresh button in the lower left corner.
  • In Calendar for OS X Mountain Lion:
    • Choose Refresh Calendars from the View menu.
  • In iCal for OS X Lion:
    • Choose Refresh All from the Calendar menu.
  • In Calendar at
    • Switch to another application by clicking the iCloud icon in the upper-left corner, then click another application icon, such as Contacts.
    • After you visit Contacts, click the iCloud icon again and switch back to Calendar.

For issues with adding or downloading attachments, try quitting and re-opening Calendar.

  • In iOS:
    • Press the Home button.
    • Double-press the Home button to open the multitasking menu.
    • Tap and hold the Calendar icon until it jiggles.
    • Tap the "X" to remove it from the list.
    • Press the Home button to return to your Home screen. Wait a moment before reopening the Calendar app. 
  • In Calendar for OS X Mountain Lion or iCal:
    • Choose Quit from the File or Calendar menu. 
    • Re-open Calendar. 
  • In Calendar at
    • Click the iCloud icon to return to the home screen. 
    • Click Sign Out. 
    • Log back in to
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