About Apple Battery Charger

Learn about the Apple Battery Charger, which types of batteries are supported, what the indicator lights mean, and tips for optimal usage.   

Apple Battery Charger is designed to efficiently charge your rechargeable batteries for use in your Apple wireless devices.  Apple Battery Charger supports charging two AA (double-A) size nickel metal hydride (NiMH) low self-discharge batteries. You can use either the batteries that come with Apple Battery Charger or your own batteries.  

The Apple Battery Charger

It's important to make sure Apple Battery Charger is fully assembled (including the batteries) before plugging it into a power outlet.  Apple Battery charger may become warm after routine use; this is normal.  It may take up to five hours to fully charge the batteries.

Batteries fully charged with Apple Battery Charger and used in some wireless input devices released earlier than Magic Trackpad may appear to have slightly less than 100% charge when you view the available battery life in the Bluetooth menu bar in Mac OS X.  This is normal behavior and does not necessarily indicate that the batteries were not fully charged.

Checking the Status Indicator Lights

The indicator light located on top of the Apple Battery Charger displays the charging status of the batteries.

  • Amber: The batteries are charging.
  • Green: The batteries are charged and ready to use. 
  • Flashing Amber: This may indicate any of the following conditions: 
    1. The batteries have not been properly installed.
    2. An unsupported type of battery is in the charger.
    3. The batteries may be faulty or damaged and should be replaced.
  • No Light: May indicate either of the following conditions:
    1. The batteries are charged and ready to use, but more than six hours have elapsed.
    2. The inserted batteries are too fully discharged to be detected immediately by Apple Battery Charger. 

When to Unplug Apple Battery Charger

You should unplug Apple Battery Charger from the power outlet if any of the following conditions exist:

  1. The charger plug, the adaptor itself, or the charging case is damaged.
  2. The charger is exposed to rain, liquid, or excessive moisture.
  3. You suspect the charger needs service or repair.
  4. The AC power cord has become frayed or damaged.
  5. You suspect a battery is damaged.

Additional Information

Using alkaline or lithium batteries in Apple Battery Charger is not supported and will result in a flashing amber indicator light. After six hours of battery charging completion, Apple Battery Charger automatically turns off the green indicator light.

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