Xsan 2.2: How to set Spotlight search levels

With Xsan 2.2, Spotlight supports two different levels of searching: File system search and Indexed search.

  • File system search (FsSearch) - Searches against file system attributes are enabled but no indexed searching of content is performed.
  • Indexed search (ReadWrite) - Full file system and indexed content is enabled; the index will be updated as file system content changes.

By default, Indexed search is enabled when Spotlight is activated for an Xsan volume in Xsan 2.0 or later.

The FsSearch option requires Mac OS X v10.6 metadata controllers using Xsan 2.2.

If you would like to have File system search only, with no indexing, do the following:

  1. Using these guidelines or with your preferred text editor, edit the volume's configuration file on all of the metadata controllers. The file is located in:

  2. In the "global section for defining system-wide parameters" change:

    EnableSpotlight     Yes


    EnableSpotlight     Yes
    SpotLightSearchLevel   FsSearch
  3. Save the file then restart the volume.

    Note: If at a later time you would like to re-enable Indexed searching, on all metadata controllers edit the line to read:

    SpotLightSearchLevel   ReadWrite
    (Save the file, then restart the volume.)

Additional Information

Depending on how much data is on the volume, enabling the index may require several hours while the index is built.

Last Modified: Oct 6, 2009
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