Podcasts app for iOS: Stream, download, and subscribe to podcasts

With Podcasts for iOS, you can stream or download podcasts over a Wi-Fi or a cellular network. You can also subscribe to podcasts that you listen to or watch regularly. Podcasts for iOS even lets you subscribe to password-protected podcasts.

What you'll need

You don't need to be signed in with your Apple ID to play or download podcasts, but you will if you want to sync your podcasts.


You can stream podcast episodes you don't want to be stored on your iOS device. Your iOS device will need a continuous internet connection when you choose to stream.

  1. Browse or Search for a podcast.
  2. Tap a podcast to view details.
  3. Tap the name of an episode you want to play.
    Stream a podcast

The podcast episode will begin playing. If you allow Podcasts to use cellular data (under Settings > Podcasts), streamed podcasts of any size will play.


If you download a podcast episode, a copy of the episode is stored on your iOS device so you can play it anytime you like even if there's no Internet connection.

  1. Browse or Search for a podcast.
  2. Tap a podcast to view details.
  3. Tap the download icon next to an episode.

The podcast will start to download and will appear in My Podcasts. When you use a cellular data connection, the maximum download size is 100 MB per episode.


You can subscribe to your favorite podcasts.  Whenever a new episode is available your iOS devices will get them automatically.

  1. Browse or Search for a podcast.
  2. Tap a podcast to view details.
  3. Tap Subscribe.

Once you subscribe to a podcast it will appear in My Podcasts. The latest episode of the podcast will also begin to download.

Password-protected podcasts

You can also access password-protected podcasts in the Podcasts app for iOS (such as paid podcast subscriptions). Simply type or paste the podcast's URL in the search field in My Podcasts. You can also subscribe to an authenticated podcast by tapping its URL in Safari.

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