Mac mini: How to identify external power adapters on Mac mini models released before 2010

In February 2006, Apple introduced the Intel-based Mac mini (Early 2006). This model and models of Mac mini through 2009 use a different power adapter than models of Mac mini released before 2006.

The two power adapters are not interchangeable, and should only be used with the model of Mac mini they shipped with. Read on to learn how to identify which power adapter to use with each Mac mini computer.

Note: The Mac mini (Mid 2010) and Mac mini (Mid 2011) use an internal power supply rather than an external power adapter.

Identify the Power Adapter

The Mac mini (Early 2006) through Mac mini (Late 2009) use a 110 watt power adapter. This information can be found on the side of the power adapter as shown below:

Models of the Mac mini made before 2006 use an 85 watt power adapter. Again, this information can be found on the side of the power adapter as shown below:

Identify the Mac mini

Since the power adapter connects to the I/O port section of the computer, it's easy to tell whether or not you are using an original Mac mini, a Mac mini (Early 2006), or a later Mac mini. The number of USB ports on your Mac mini can also identify which model you are using.

Mac mini (Late 2009)
Mac mini (Early 2009)
5 USB ports Late and Early 2009 Mac mini
Mac mini (Mid 2007)
Mac mini (Early 2006)
4 USB ports Mac mini (Mid 2007) and (Early 2006)
Original Mac mini 2 USB ports Original Mac mini

While using the incorrect power adapter won't hurt your Mac mini, it could cause unexpected behavior, most notably an inability to turn the computer on.

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