Archived - Xserve (Late 2006): Applying EFI Firmware updates to a "headless" Xserve

To apply an EFI firmware update to a "headless" Xserve (Late 2006), use the following procedure:

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.
  1. Make sure the correct firmware update has been downloaded to the Xserve by using Software Update. This can be done remotely with Apple Remote Desktop (ARD) or from the command line.
  2. ssh into the target server.
  3. Type "sudo -s" and type the server's root password at the prompt.
  4. Type "cd /Applications/Utilities" and press return.
  5. To start the firmware update installation, type this on a single line: 
    ./Xserve\ EFI\ Firmware\\ EFI\ Firmware\ Update -remote Note: If you have more than one volume, or the application is not in the default location, the absolute path must be specified:
    (/Volumes/Server\ HD/Xserve\ EFI\ Firmware\\ EFI\ Firmware\ Update). 
  6. Press the 'Y' key when you see this message:

    Type 'y' when you are ready to shut down your computer and start the update process (a 'shutdown -h now' command will be issued to shut down your computer). Any other input will cancel the update.
    Shut down and update your computer's firmware?

  7. Wait for the remote server to shut down and update.
  8. Press and hold the power button on your Xserve until the 'system activity lights' flash repeatedly.
  9. Release the power button; your Xserve's firmware will be flashed.
    Flashing will take a few minutes. 
    : DO NOT INTERRUPT the Xserve while flashing. Your Xserve will automatically restart once flashing is complete
  10. ssh into the server again.
  11. Type "sudo -s" and type the server's root password at the prompt.

Verifying that the firmware update has been installed

  1. Type "cd /Applications/Utilities" and press return.
  2. Type this on a single line: ./Xserve\ EFI\ Firmware\\ EFI\ Firmware\ Update -remote If a prompt is returned ( ">"), then the update has successfully completed.
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