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This article lists frequently asked questions (and answers) regarding the original iPod shuffle. 

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This document is for the original iPod shuffle.

For frequently asked questions about iPod shuffle (2nd generation) , see this article.

For frequently asked questions about iPod shuffle (3rd generation) , see this article.


How many songs can iPod shuffle hold?
Up to 120 songs on the 512 MB model and up to 240 songs on the 1 GB model (based on 128 kbps AAC files at 4 minutes per song).

When the option to "Convert higher bit rate songs to 128 kbps AAC" is selected, are duplicate files added to the iTunes library?
No. The 128 kbps AAC versions of the files are not stored anywhere on the computer.

When songs are transferred to iPod shuffle, is artwork stripped from the files?
No. The exception is if you select the "Convert higher bit rate songs to 128 kbps AAC" option, the artwork will not be included in the converted 128 kbps AAC versions of the files.

Is it possible for iPod shuffle to play music when connected to a USB port even if it's not mounted or in disk mode?

How can I tell if iPod shuffle is charging?
Eject iPod shuffle in iTunes, but leave it physically connected to the USB port. The front LED should be orange if it's charging (or green if it's fully charged). If it's not charging (such is the case if it's connected to a low-power USB port on a keyboard), you won't see a front LED.

How long does it take to charge iPod shuffle?
A new iPod shuffle battery is 80-percent charged in about two hours and fully charged in about four hours.

How do I check the battery status?
Press the battery status button on the back of iPod shuffle. The battery status light indicates the level of charge. If the battery status light is green, iPod shuffle has a good charge. If the light is amber, iPod shuffle is low on charge. If it's red, very little charge is left and you should recharge iPod shuffle soon. If no light is visible, the battery is out of power and you must recharge iPod shuffle to use it.

Can I take a friend's iPod shuffle and browse or play its content on my machine (like I can with other iPods)?
No, there is no manual mode that allows you to view or play the content from a friend's iPod shuffle on your computer. This also means that you cannot load music from multiple computers or iTunes libraries onto iPod shuffle like you can with other iPods.

Can I transfer data to iPod shuffle from multiple computers when in disk mode?
Yes. If you put iPod shuffle in disk mode, you can transfer data from multiple computers from the Finder (Mac) or Explorer (Windows). You can only load music from one computer, using iTunes.

Can I use iPod shuffle with both a Macintosh and a Windows computer?
Yes. When you place iPod shuffle in disk mode, you can use it to transfer data between multiple computers, running either operating system.

Can I use iTunes to view the songs on my iPod shuffle like I can with other iPods?
No. The iPod shuffle icon that displays in the iTunes Source list is actually a special playlist (like Party Shuffle).It lists which songs in the library are currently configured to be sent to iPod shuffle, but not what's currently on the unit. If you see a bullet by a song, it indicates that the song was not sent to iPod shuffle. See "Some songs in your iTunes library aren't copied to your iPod" for reasons why songs were not sent to iPod shuffle.

How do I make Autofill automatic—like how automatic syncing works on other iPods?
Autofill actually requires some action. You can manually click on Autofill each time you insert iPod shuffle, or you can use the "Keep this iPod in the source list" option to click Autofill any time and then connect iPod shuffle.

Can I manually add music or do I have to use the Autofill feature?
You can manually drag songs from your iTunes library or other playlist to the iPod shuffle icon.

How can I tell if iPod shuffle is connected when the "Keep this iPod in the source list" option is enabled?
You'll see an eject button next to iPod shuffle in the Source list when it's connected, as well as the "Used / Free space" indicator at bottom of the iTunes window.

Can I get Autofill for my other iPods?
You can use Autofill to quickly sync audio content from your music library or a selected playlist to other iPod models. Refer to articles HT1351 and HT1719 for more details.

Why does iPod shuffle sometimes display a generic icon in iTunes and in the Mac OS X Finder, and how do I fix it?
This is due to the FAT32 behavior on Mac OS X (FAT32 is the disk format used for iPod shuffle). Note that the iPod shuffle icon is stored on the machine with which it's being used. To correct a generic icon, sync iPod shuffle with iTunes 4.7.1.

Why does my iPod shuffle name display differently in the Mac OS X Finder and in iTunes.
iTunes keeps track of the iPod shuffle name separately. Mac OS X sees the iPod shuffle as a FAT32 volume and is limited by the FAT32 naming conventions. Always check the iPod shuffle name in iTunes to see if it displays correctly.

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