Xsan versions included with or required by OS X

Learn which versions of Xsan are compatible with OS X.

Xsan versions included with OS X Lion or later

Xsan versionOS X version
Xsan 4OS X Yosemite v10.10
Xsan 3.1OS X Mavericks v10.9
Xsan 3.0OS X Mountain Lion v10.8
Xsan 2.3OS X Lion v10.7

Xsan 2.3 and later are not available as updates for earlier Mac OS X versions.

Xsan is installed separately in Mac OS X v10.6 and earlier. The following table lists which Xsan versions are compatible with which versions of Mac OS X client and server. It also shows required versions of Xsan and Mac OS X for when you want to upgrade your Xsan version.

OS X requirements for Xsan 2.2.2 or earlier

Xsan versionRequired Xsan versionRequired Mac OS X versionUpdate info
Xsan 2.2.2Xsan 2.2 or onlylink
Xsan 2.2.1Xsan or later, including 10.6link
Xsan 2.2Xsan 2, 2.1, or or later, including 10.6link
Xsan 2.1.1Xsan 2 or through 10.5.8link
Xsan 2.1Xsan 210.5.3 through 10.5.8link
Xsan 2Xsan 1.4.2 on Leopard10.5.2 through 10.5.8link
Xsan 1.4.2Xsan 1.1 through Xsan through 10.5.8link
Xsan 1.4.1Xsan 1.1 through Xsan 1.410.4.8 through 10.4.11link
Xsan 1.4Xsan 1.1 through 1.3 on Tiger10.4.7 through 10.4.11link
Xsan 1.3 for TigerXsan 1.2 for Tiger10.4.5 through 10.4.11link
Xsan 1.3 for PantherXsan 1.0.1 through Xsan 1.2 for Panther10.3.9 onlylink
Xsan 1.2 for TigerXsan 1.1 for Tiger10.4.3 through 10.4.11link
Xsan 1.2 for PantherXsan 1.0.1 through Xsan 1.1 for Panther10.3.9 onlylink
Xsan 1.1 for TigerXsan through 10.4.11link
Xsan 1.1 for PantherXsan onlylink

The Xsan and OS X versions running on MDCs must always be the same or later versions than those which are running on the Xsan clients. For more information about compatibility between Xsan MDCs and clients within a SAN, see this article.

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