iPod shows a folder icon with exclamation point after disconnecting from a Windows PC

If you use an iPod with a Click Wheel — including iPod mini, iPod (Click Wheel), iPod photo, iPod with color display, iPod nano, and Fifth Generation iPod (iPod with video) — you may have the wrong software if you see a folder with an exclamation point. This can happen after configuring the iPod for the first time on a Windows PC without installing the included software first.

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Make sure you've installed the iPod Software from the included CD before you connect the iPod to your computer. The latest version of the iPod updater will also work. This can be downloaded from here. The installer will let you know when to connect the iPod to your computer.

Tip: If your iPod is not recognized via FireWire, try connecting it using the USB cable.

Check for other causes and solutions of the exclamation point folder icon.

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