Motion 4.0.3: Release notes

Motion 4.0.3 is an update to Motion 4, which is part of the paid upgrade to Final Cut Studio.

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Motion 4.0.3

  • Fixes an Optical Flow issue affecting Motion, Final Cut Pro, and Compressor on computers with more than 8 cores. 
  • Fixes a usability issue in the 3D Compass for the ATI Radeon HD 5xxx series graphics cards for iMac and Mac Pro.


This section contains release information about Motion 4.0.2.

  • Fixes rendering and performance issues that could occur when using Motion projects in a Final Cut Pro timeline.
  • Motion is now more stable when operating in low system memory or low graphic card memory situations.
  • The default project setting is now set to PAL or NTSC depending on the operating system localization.
  • Addresses an issue that impacted the reliability of the Undo command.
  • Corrects the rendering of the Checkerboard Generator to the proper orientation when rendering from a 3D camera.
  • Fixes an image usability issue that could be encountered on complex projects when rendered in 32-bit float with Motion Blur turned on.
  • Exclusively exporting the alpha channel of a Motion project using the Share feature now returns the proper alpha channel.
  • An issue with importing files named with dual-byte characters has been addressed.
  • An issue with the importing of Japanese language text has been fixed.
  • Fixes aspect ratio issues encountered with imported shapes and circle masks.
  • A correction to the selection tool now makes it easier to select text.
  • Fixes an issue related to the the rendering of soft shadows.
  • Addresses issues that could produce significant artifacts when objects would intersect in 3D space in certain ways.
  • Addresses issues that could be encountered with images of large resolution.
  • A performance related fix was applied to the caustics generator.
  • Adjusting paint stroke control points in 3D space is now more responsive.
  • Corrects the rendering of anamorphic projects to the digital cinema desktop output.
  • Changes were made to certain filters to match the output they produced in Motion 3.
  • To address a user interaction issue, the selected animation curve in the keyframe editor now displays on top of other curves.
  • Fixes were made that benefit some filters applied to images that are cropped.
  • A performance issue with text flattened to a single plane was addressed.
  • Fixes an issue that could have affected some third-party FxPlug plug-ins that perform temporal manipulations like retiming.
  • Addresses issues which could appear to soften images, or flattened groups of images, of odd-sized resolutions.
  • Manipulation issues that could occur with multiple duplicated and cloned objects or groups within a project have been addressed.

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This section contains release information about Motion 4.0.1.

  • Depth of Field with an animated focal point
    Quality and precision is increased when rendering a scene with an animated focal point, or in some cases with objects that were animated to vary in distance from the camera.
  • Text characters now display properly for all languages
    Some non-english languages that include Hebrew, Arabic, and potentially others, now properly maintain characters which could occasionally not display in Motion 4.0.
  • Improved 3rd party FxPlug support
    Addressed issues that could have resulted in image clipping, memory management, or image position and could have affected some 3rd party FxPlug filters.
  • Rendering of Motion Projects within Compressor
    Fixes an issue which caused Compressor jobs to not complete when they were tasked with processing older Motion projects.
  • Text Rendering
    Enhances rendering performance for certain flattened text objects.
  • Multiple Instances of the Point at Behavior
    Resolves a performance issue experienced when combining multiple Point at Behaviors.
  • Text Outlines
    The Outline style element of text is no longer incorrectly scaled in size when the point size of the font of text object is manipulated or animated.
  • Rendering of PDF Files
    Resolves an issue where certain PDF file content was not rendered properly when rotated at certain angles in a 3D Motion project.
  • Inspector Parameters
    Certain parameters are no longer incorrectly hidden from view in the Inspector.
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