OS X: About Finder Tabs

Finder in OS X Mavericks helps you stay focused with Finder Tabs.


Finder in Mavericks includes Tabs. Tabs allow you to combine Finder windows into a single view.

Adding Tabs

Each tab acts as an independent way to navigate your files.You can add a tab to any open Finder window by clicking the Add Tab button (+). If you don't see the Add Tab button, select a Finder window, and choose File > New Tab, or type Command+T on your keyboard to create a new tab. 

finder tabs

Merging windows

If you already have more than one Finder window open, you can merge them into one window of tabs. Choose Window > Merge Windows. Each open Finder window becomes a tab in one centralized window. 

merge menu

If you want a tab to become its own window, drag the tab out of its parent window. This creates a window with just that tab's contents.

Dragging items to tabs

You can move items between tabs or windows by dropping an item's icon onto a tab name.

  1. Grab an item with your pointer.
  2. Drag and drop the item to the tab where you want it to belong. 

Full Screen Windows

You can also view your tabs while in full screen view. Click the full screen button in a Finder window (full screen button) to make it take up an entire space.

 full screen

Add tabs to your full-screen Finder window using the same shortcuts:

  • Click the Add Tab button (+).
  • Type Command+T on your keyboard.
  • Move your pointer to the top of the screen and choose choose File > New Tab.

To exit full screen, move your pointer to the top of the screen and select the Exit Full Screen button (exit full screen button) in the upper right-corner of the display.

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