iTunes for Windows: May be unable to import or play music from an audio CD

Try the steps below if iTunes for Windows recognizes an audio CD but won't play it, or doesn't play songs you import from an audio CD. In some cases, iTunes appears to import songs from the audio CD, but the created tracks contain no music and have a time of 0:00.

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1. Update iTunes

Download and install the latest version of iTunes.

2. Deselect option to "Use error correction when reading Audio CDs"

  1. Open iTunes.
  2. Choose EditPreferences.
  3. Click the General tab then click the Importing Settings button.
  4. Deselect the option to "Use error correction when reading Audio CDs" if it is selected.

5. Click OK.

3. Check for software updates

Microsoft or your computer's manufacturer may have released updated software. Check to see if there are updates to Windows or to the software that controls the drive. Check your computer manufacturer's website for updates, particularly for updates to the CD or DVD drive. If you bought the drive separately from the computer, check the drive manufacturer's website. In some cases, drivers for other devices (such as video and sound cards) could affect how the CD or DVD drive works. Make sure all video and sound card drivers are the most recent versions.

4. Check for firmware updates

From time to time manufacturers publish updates to a CD or DVD drive's internal software (known as firmware). Check your computer manufacturer's website for firmware updates first. This is important because the internal drives used by some companies (including Dell) require special firmware. If an update is not available from the computer manufacturer, check with the company that made the drive. In some cases, firmware for other devices (such as video and sound cards) could affect how the CD or DVD drive works. Make sure all video and sound cards have the latest firmware also.

Important: Use special care when installing firmware updates. Incorrectly installing a firmware update could damage the drive and make it unusable. Always check with the computer manufacturer first before checking with the drive manufacturer.

5. Try different drive

If you have more than one optical drive, try using iTunes with each drive.

If you have assigned drive letters A:\ or B:\ to your optical drive, iTunes might not recognize an Audio CD. Follow this link (for Windows XP) or this link (for Windows Vista or Windows 7) to change the drive letter of your optical drive. 

If you are still unable to play or import from audio CDs after you try these steps, your optical drive may not work with iTunes. To provide Apple with information about your configuration which may be causing your issue, please see section 6 below.

6. Run CD Diagnostics in iTunes

Click here for more information.

See these documents for additional information:

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