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This document describes some of the common terms related to iPhone wireless communication.

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802.11b/g Two of the wireless LAN specifications described by IEEE 802.11. They are over-the-air modulation protocols used for wireless networking which transmit over the 2.4 GHz band. Also known as Wi-Fi.
3G Third-generation wireless broadband cellular network offering simultaneous delivery of voice and data. 3G network uses HSDPA/UMTS (High Speed Downlink Packet Access/Universal Mobile Telephone System) technology.
Bluetooth A short range (~30 feet) wireless transmission standard providing connectivity between devices such as mobile phones and wireless headsets over a secure globally unlicensed frequency.
CTN Customer Telephone Number: The wireless phone number of the mobile device and unique identifier of the customer account.
EDGE Enhanced Data Rate for GSM Evolution: A software upgrade to GPRS, the data component of the GSM network. EDGE speeds are similar to that of an ISDN Internet connection; users should expect between 80-140 kbit/s down and 30-40 kbit/s up depending on signal strength.
EDR Enhanced Data Rate: A Bluetooth specification which introduces bandwidth capacity of up to 2.1Mbit/s.
Exchange ActiveSync/EAS Exchange ActiveSync is a Microsoft Exchange synchronization protocol that lets you synchronize a mobile device with your Exchange server account. EAS enables mobile device users to access their email, calendar, and contacts from their Exchange Server.
GPRS General Packet Radio Service: A high-speed packet data service implemented as the data component of the GSM network. GPRS speeds are roughly equivalent to that of a home 56k dial-up Internet connection; users should expect between 20-40 kbit/s down and 10-20 kbit/s up depending on signal strength.
GPS Global Positioning System: the utilization of orbiting satellites to transmit signals to a GPS receiver to calculate the location, speed, direction, and time. GPS is widely used as a navigation tool.
GSM Global System for Mobile Communications: A digital cellular standard developed by a committee of European telecommunications administrators, operators, and manufacturers.
IMAP Internet Message Access Protocol: An application-layer Internet protocol that allows a local client to access email on a remote server.
POP3 Post Office Protocol version 3: An application-layer Internet standard protocol used to retrieve email from a remote server over a TCP/IP connection.
SIM Subscriber Identity Module: A removable smart card which stores security information identifying subscribers on the network.
SMS Short Message Service: A collection of capabilities that allow users to transmit and receive data messages of a limited size across two endpoints of a cellular network, one or both of which may be a mobile subscriber. Short messages are transmitted within a cellular network and are encoded based on defined standards. SMS allows the ability to 'mobile originate' and 'mobile terminate' from a cellular phone. SMS is also known as "text messaging" and "texting".
Wi-Fi The set of wireless LAN specifications described by IEEE 802.11. Two specific standards are 802.11b & 802.11g
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