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What is an Apple ID?

An Apple ID is a user name you use for everything you do with Apple. Creating an account for an Apple service, such as the iTunes Store or the App Store, creates an Apple ID. Apple ID allows you to access other Apple services. You don't have to create a new account for each service—just use your Apple ID.

For a complete list of all of the places you can use an Apple ID, see Where do I use an Apple ID.

How do I get an Apple ID?

You may already have an Apple ID, and you only need one for everything you do with Apple. If you aren't sure, visit My Apple ID and click Find your Apple ID.

If you don't have an Apple ID, you can create one at My Apple ID. You can also create one by signing up for an Apple service (such as an iTunes Store or iCloud). You should use your primary email address as your Apple ID.

You do not need to create a separate Apple ID for each Apple service. A single Apple ID can be used to access all other Apple services.

Is there a way to find my Apple ID Name if I can't remember it?

Yes. Visit My Apple ID and click Find your Apple ID. See Finding your Apple ID if you'd like more information.

How do I change or recover a forgotten Apple ID Password?

If you've forgotten your Apple ID Password or want to change it, go to My Apple ID and follow the instructions. See Changing your Apple ID password if you'd like more information.

I have multiple Apple IDs. Is there a way for me to merge them into a single Apple ID?

Apple IDs cannot be merged. You should use your preferred Apple ID from now on, but you can still access your purchased items such as music, movies, or software using your other Apple IDs. 

If you are wondering how using multiple Apple IDs relate to iCloud, see Apple IDs and iCloud.

Can I share my Apple ID with someone else?

You shouldn't share your Apple ID account information with other people. Each person should have their own Apple ID.

I no longer have an email address that was also my Apple ID. Can I still use the email address as my Apple ID?

Apple recommends you change your Apple ID to your current, working email address. This will not create another Apple ID, it will only change it to your working email address. See Changing the name you use for your Apple ID if you'd like more information.

Note: and Apple IDs can not be renamed.  If you no longer use the .mac or .me email address be sure to add your valid email address as an additional email address.

Why am I sometimes asked to verify my Apple ID by email?

When you create a new Apple ID or make certain changes to your account, Apple will require you to sign in by following the link in a verification email. This is to help protect your identity and keep your account secure. Some Apple services, such as FaceTime and GameCenter, require email validation.

How do I verify my Apple ID by email?

Simply follow the link in the verification email that says "Verify Now." Sign in with your current Apple ID and password, then click Verify Address. You can also verify by signing in at My Apple ID. You'll receive an email prompting you to verify.

How do I change my Apple ID Name or personal information?

You can change your Apple ID Name at My Apple ID. Click on Manage your Apple ID and sign in with your Apple ID name and password. Click Edit and enter the new information, then click Save Changes. Changes take effect immediately. You can also use My Apple ID to change your personal information, such as your mailing address or email address. See Changing the name you use for your Apple ID if you'd like more information.

Can I change the answers to the security questions for my Apple ID?

Yes. You can change the answers to the security questions provided when you originally signed up for your Apple ID. Go to My Apple ID and click Manage your Apple ID. Sign in with your Apple ID name and password, go to the section Password and Security and click Reset your security information.

Why do I see the message "This Apple ID has been disabled for security reasons” when I enter my password?

This message means that someone was unable to sign in to this account multiple times. The Apple ID system will disable the account to prevent unauthorized people from gaining access to your information. You'll need to follow the instructions on My Apple ID to reset your password.

Why do I see the message "Sorry...but we can't find data for you in our system" when I try to enroll an agreement, see my products or agreements online, or check a repair status?

You may have multiple Apple IDs. Try logging in with one of your other Apple IDs. Sometimes your product registration, repair status, or the ability to register an agreement is attached to one of your other Apple IDs. To log in with another Apple ID, you may need to delete the Apple ID cookie from within your browser preferences.

Can I still use my ID as an Apple ID?

If you signed up for .Mac before July 11, 2008, and also had an active account after July 11, 2008, then your ID will still work as an Apple ID for purchases on the iTunes Store, Apple Online Store, and to purchase Apple print products created with iPhoto or Aperture. You can continue to use your ID or your new ID as an Apple ID (both names access the same account).

Note: If your MobileMe or .Mac account has expired, you should change the email address associated with the Apple ID. See Expired user names still valid for other services for more information.

Are there more ways to increase the security of my account?

In some regions, you may be able to add an additional step to your account verification. See Apple ID: Two-step verification Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

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