iPod: Syncing contact and calendar data with OS X Mavericks

Learn how to sync your contacts and calendars to your iPod classic, iPod mini or iPod nano using OS X Mavericks.

To put your contacts and calendars on an iPod using OS X Mavericks v10.9 or later, simply export the information to your device. 


Export the contacts as a vCard from Contacts application.

  1. Select all contacts, or just the contacts you want to have on the iPod.
  2. Select File > Export > Export vCard.
  3. Save the file to the desktop. This creates a vCard file.
  4. Connect your iPod to your computer using USB.
  5. Enable Disk Mode for your iPod in iTunes.
  6. Open your iPod in the Finder. It should appear in the sidebar of a new Finder window under devices. 
  7. Open the Contacts folder on the iPod.
  8. Drag the vCard file you created into the Contacts folder.
  9. Eject the iPod. 


Export the calendar as an ICS file or files.

  1. Show the calendars list if not visible by clicking the Calendars button.
  2. Select the calendar you want to view from your iPod.
  3. Select File > Export…
  4. Save the file to your desktop. This creates a .ics file. 
  5. Repeat until you have created an file for each calendar you want on the iPod.
  6. Enable Disk Mode for the iPod in iTunes.
  7. Open your iPod in the Finder. It should appear in the sidebar of a new Finder window under devices. 
  8. Open the Calendars folder on the iPod.
  9. Drag the .ics file or files into the Calendars folder.
  10. Eject the iPod.

After copying the content to your iPod, go to the Extras menu on your device to view your contacts or calendars. Whenever you want to update the contacts or calendars on the iPod, follow these steps again.

Note: Contacts and Calendars are not supported on the iPod nano 6th and 7th generations. If you want to synchronize contacts and calendars with your iPhone or iPod Touch, use iCloud or other cloud-based service.

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