iTunes Store: iTunes Plus Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about iTunes Plus.

What is iTunes Plus?

iTunes Plus is the new standard on iTunes. iTunes Plus downloads are songs and music videos available in our highest quality 256 kbps AAC audio encoding (twice the audio quality of protected music purchases), and without digital rights management (DRM). iTunes Plus music can be burned to CD as many times as you need, synced to any AAC-enabled device (such as iPod, iPhone, or Apple TV), and played on any Mac or Windows computers you own.

How much does iTunes Plus music cost?

iTunes Plus songs are available at one of three price points. In the U.S. the pricing is 0.69 USD, 0.99 USD, or 1.29 USD each. Other countries have similar song price points. Check your country's iTunes Store for pricing.

Can I upgrade my previously purchased music to iTunes Plus?

Yes. If you subscribe to iTunes Match, you can download your previously purchased music again in the iTunes Plus format. To do so:

  1. You need to delete the original DRM song from your library first. Doing this enables you to download the song again in the iTunes Plus format from iTunes in the Cloud.
  2. Click the Purchased tab in the iTunes Store.
  3. Click Music.
  4. Locate the artist of the song you want to upgrade.
  5. Click the iCloud Download icon next to the song you want to upgrade.

Can I still buy music encoded at 128 Kbps with Digital Rights Management (DRM)?

Music on the Store available in iTunes Plus will no longer be available as 128 kbps and with DRM.

Is there a change in video quality for iTunes Plus videos?

No, the video quality remains the same. iTunes Plus means that the music videos are offered DRM-free and with our highest-quality audio within the video, 256 kbps AAC.

How do I purchase and play iTunes Plus music?

First, upgrade to the latest version of iTunes. Music and music videos available in iTunes Plus are indicated as such on the album or video page or track list. To purchase, simply click the Buy button as you would for any other music on the Store.

What happens to my existing files when I upgrade my music to iTunes Plus?

Your upgraded iTunes Plus music will replace the original purchases in your library. You will be given an option to delete the original files or move them to your desktop at time of download.

Why is iTunes Plus format available for certain music, but not all?

The reason that certain music and music videos are not offered in our DRM-free, highest quality audio format is because they have not been provided in iTunes Plus format from the music label.

If I have a free song or video code, can I redeem it for an iTunes Plus song or video?

Yes. If you have a code for any free song or video you can redeem it for an iTunes Plus song or video.

How does Complete My Album work for iTunes Plus?

If you've purchased a single at 128 kbps with DRM and want the iTunes Plus version of the remaining tracks, you may use Complete My Album.  The Complete My Album offer will deliver the remaining tracks in iTunes Plus.

Can I give iTunes Plus music as a gift?

Yes. To find out more about how to send gifts from the iTunes Store refer to iTunes gift options.

Can I use iTunes Gift Cards and iTunes Gift Certificates to pay for iTunes Plus music?

Yes, you can use iTunes Gift Cards and iTunes Gift Certificates to pay for iTunes Plus music and upgrades.

What do I need in order to purchase and play iTunes Plus music?

You'll need to upgrade to the latest version of iTunes to preview, purchase, and play iTunes Plus music.

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