iPhone: Entering Text on the Multi-touch Display Keyboard

You can use the onscreen keyboard to enter text messages, contact information, notes, and more. The intelligent keyboard on iPhone automatically suggests corrections as you type, to help prevent mistyped words. Start by typing with just your index finger. As you get more proficient, you can type more quickly by using two thumbs. To learn more about using iPhone's multi-touch display with gestures, go here.

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To use the multi-touch display keyboard

  1. Tap a text field, such as in a note or new contact, to bring up the keyboard.

  2. Tap keys on the keyboard.

    As you type, each letter appears above your thumb or finger. If you touch the wrong key, you can slide your finger to the correct key while maintaining contact with the screen. The letter is not entered until you release your finger from the key.

    Suggested corrections appear just above or below the word you're typing.


    • To use the suggested correction, type a space, punctuation mark, or return character.

    • To reject the correction, finish typing the word as you want it, then tap the word before continuing to type anything else. (The second time you type the same word and reject the correction this way, iPhone adds the word to its dictionary.)

    Type uppercase Tap the Shift key before tapping a letter.
    Turn caps lock on Enable Caps Lock, then double-tap the Shift key. The Shift key turns blue, and all the letters you type are uppercase. Tap the Shift key again to turn caps lock off.
    Shows numbers, punctuation, or symbols Tap the Number key. Tap the Symbol key to see additional punctuation and symbols.
  3. To edit text, touch and hold to see a magnified view, then position the cursor.

    You can use this magnified view whenever you're typing text. For example, you can use it when composing email, or when typing in a text field while surfing the web.

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